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Argentina  INESfun

22 Feb 2020 at 13:37

There are about 300 recesses on one golf ball, and thanks to them, the ball flies three times farther than a smooth one. ... Balls of the same size...

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United States of America  Smitty

07 Jun 2023 at 04:45

Jason and team make this place beautiful and the tournament is fun and well run.

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United States of America  PatPenguin | 536 views | 0 comments

17 Nov 2023 at 13:07

A 2023 Masterful Experience

United States of America  PatPenguin | 3184 views | 0 comments

22 May 2023 at 13:19

We’re All Loony Here....

Hungary  Magician | 3378 views | 0 comments

30 Apr 2023 at 13:57

Season Started!

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Immense discussion about disrupted team play

Sweden 17 Jun 2009 at 10:04 | Published by: Hans | Views: 7084 | News search

Immense discussion about disrupted team play Last weekend the Swedish Team play was played at many courses across Sweden. The weekend had troublesome weather in many places but the absolute majority of divisions managed to finish their competitions in the stipulated time.

One weakness of the way team play is played in Sweden is that all team in a division shall meet each other in a game between the two clubs during one weekend. This means that in the divisions where there are 8 teams (Highest and second highest divisions) 7 matches shall be played on Saturday and Sunday. Each match taking about 1,5 to 2 hours meaning that there is a need of "fine" weather for about 14 hours each weekend plus time for all other teams to finish their matches. Normally this is no problem but when its raining heavily and you are playing eternite or beton it’s a serious problem.

The most tricky situation is though if everything runs smoothly until the last matches shall be played and then the rains comes and seems never to stop. The rules stipulates then that the referee and the couches shall gather to try to decide if the remaining matches can be played any other dates. If no consensus can be found the whole weekends results shall be terminated. For a team that has been winning 6 out of 7 matches and then the last mach cannot be finished due to the weather this is of course not a popular decision.

Last weekend this happened in Södertälje in the second highest division where 5 full rounds were played on Saturday. On Sunday it was heavy raining and at 11 in the morning the referee and the competition arrangers together with the coaches decided that they should not be able to finish at all during Sunday. The weather report was showing heavy rain until Monday morning. It was decided to leave to the Swedish Federation to decide what would be done. And now the debate started on the Swedish debate forum bangolfsnack.se. Some facts making any decision controversial is:

* Sundbyberg had won 5 straight matches the second weekend and was in the lead of the table when the rain came. After the first round they where only in 4th place.
* Gällivare from the very north of Sweden has a trip of 1175 km if they need to go back to Södertälje to finish the last two matches. This is a large cost for the small club from the north and even if as sportsmen could consider doing it even if they lost all games in Södertälje so far they had declared that they cannot afford it.

It will not be an easy call for the TK in the Swedish Minigolf Federation

» Link to thread at bangolfsnack.se (in Swedish only)
» Results of the unfinished weekend in Södertälje



Comments (9)

Sweden C-J (Carl-Johan Ryner)

19 Jun 2009 at 09:24
We have our three tents at home and I guess all other clubs should have also. I remeber though that Tanto left their tents in Askim last year. All tents should always be brought to the league weekends when there's play on eternite or concrete. At least that's what we decided two years ago in Malmö when we bought the tents.

Finland JJM (John Mittler)

18 Jun 2009 at 15:35
Finland has a legendary case in history:

Finnish eternite championships 1989 in Vaasa were interrupted because of rainy weather. But there was one tied score inside top three: for third and fourth place in women’s competition.

It was impossible to play a sudden death play-off in the heavy rain, so it was decided that the sudden death will be arranged two months later, when there would be a felt competition in Vaasa.

So Janina Pettersson of Sibelius Park MGK and Heli Erkkilä of Turun RGS returned to Vaasa two months later, and Heli Erkkilä won the sudden death play-off for a bronze medal.

Sweden Hans (Hans Bergström)

18 Jun 2009 at 14:07
An interesting decision. To my knowledge this has never happened before in Swedish Minigolf, but the new rules opens for a decision like that if I understand it correctly. Let's hope it's not raining in Stockholm in September then :)

Sweden Nimalu (Martin Lundell)

18 Jun 2009 at 13:46
It is now decided that the remaining matches for this division will be played at next Team Play Weekend, which is in September on the concrete course of Tantogårdens BGK.
Source: bangolf.se

Netherlands Tiek (Erik Tiekstra)

18 Jun 2009 at 06:39
We indeed had no tents there...

And C-J, I can remember it was sort of dry at the beginning of the round, when our first player was at lane 7 it started to get soaking wet. I guess you were already a lot further in the round :P
Where are all these tents actually? Not that it might matter because 70% are broken anyway..... but it might have been usefull also this year.

Sweden C-J (Carl-Johan Ryner)

18 Jun 2009 at 00:28
We did not have any tents since it was decided by someone that they wouldn't cover the concrete lanes (which we proved last year in Askim that they can), we used a large amount of umbrellas and ONE big tarp was shared among the teams. We played the 2nd to last match on that Sunday and had finished 2,5 hours earlier. I guess Uppsala and Malmö players are faster than Tanto & Jönköping. :D Could also be that we didn't have the energy to actually care more than "Ah, it's not soaking wet, let's play the shot." :)

Sweden Viking (Pierre Geerhold)

17 Jun 2009 at 23:16
Of course its an easy decision, the rules say if you cant get all teams in the division to decide a new time and place too play the weekends result should be erased. If we have rules about this it should be followed. The only reason this discussion came up too surface is that some clubs thinks points goes before sportsmanship and fairplay. I was one of the players at this meet and there was no chance too play at all. if Common sense would have been used it shouldnt even been a discussion.

Sweden Hans (Hans Bergström)

17 Jun 2009 at 22:01
I think that the rules on the topic might have been change since then Erik. Not saying that the judge made the right descision that time. But I think that you at least had tents.

Netherlands Tiek (Erik Tiekstra)

17 Jun 2009 at 17:54
Let me say that I think it is strange referees don't apply the same solution in this matter. I can remember that 2 years ago we played in Skoghall. Rain was falling down alsmost the whole Sunday. Our last, very important, match was against Jönköping. It was raining heavily and WE HAD TO PLAY. The last match took about 5 hours where it was not possible to play on courses which were even close to dry......

I remember this mostly because I missed my flight back home and was ill for the next week or so....

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Toivo Vällo third in Latvian Cup, after day 3/6

Latvia 17 Jun 2009 at 09:34 | views: 6889 | Comments: 0

Toivo Vällo of Estonia reached third place at Valmiera eternite tournament in Latvia, with average score 28.67. Madara Kirša won the tournament with average 26.67, and Girts Ieleja was second with average 27.33. The tournament in Valmiera was day 3 ...
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Toivo Vällo third in Latvian Cup, after day 3/6

Trubridge and McIver win British Doubles Championships

Trubridge and McIver win British Doubles Championships

United Kingdom 16 Jun 2009 at 20:43 | views: 6659 | Comments: 2

James Trubridge and John McIver won British doubles championships 2009 at the adventure golf course of Boscombe Chine Gardens, by beating Sean and Marion Homer in the final match. The competition followed the format of a typical soccer or ice hockey major ...
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2nd day of the French national Cup in Saint maurice

France 16 Jun 2009 at 09:19 | views: 5402 | Comments: 0

On Sunday, it was the second day of the French national cup which took place on the T5000 of Saint Maurice l’Exil (50km in the south of Lyon). The defending champion US Torreilles MG (Clément Valois, Joseph Sanchez, Gilles Raynal) wons this league day before ...
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2nd day of the French national Cup in Saint maurice

Bischofshofen becomes Austrian champion, in tied points with WAT21

Bischofshofen becomes Austrian champion, in tied points with WAT21

Austria 15 Jun 2009 at 10:25 | views: 5958 | Comments: 0

The traditional arch-rivals MGC Bischofshofen and WAT 21 ended up in tied points at the end of Austrian Bundesliga season 2008-2009. With the score counting system of the previous season (2008), the defending champion WAT21 would have renewed its title. But the ...
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